21st Oct 2019

Choosing a bow sight is an important step when preparing your gear for hunting or target season. While there are many good options available, it’s beneficial to choose a sight based on how it will be used. Adjustable, “mover” style sights offer many advantages. The COVERT™ family gives you three, solid options to choose from with the COVERT™ PRO, COVERT™ SINGLE-PIN and the COVERT™ FOUR-PIN bow sights. These sights have many similarities such as gear-drive elevation dials that provide smooth and precise adjustment, gravity-line that makes sure the pin is truly vertical, easy-to-see rear-facing yardage tape, as well as a fairly simple setup. All COVERT sights can also be converted for left-hand use. There really isn’t one model that is generally better than the others, however one model may be better suited to certain styles of hunting and shooting than other models. The choice depends mostly on what you want to do with it.


The COVERT PRO series is the pinless option in the COVERT family. Because the sight does not have a physical pin, it doesn’t crowd your view, but remains powerful and versatile. The COVERT PRO uses a unique, PWR-DOT LED technology in place of a traditional pin and has a micro-LED with a thin wire lead embedded into the lens. It also has the ability to control the brightness while in the field with tactile, push-button controls. The COVERT PRO comes with two, LED options; a standard green LED dot, or a DOUBLE-DOT green and red LED aperture. If you plan on shooting at extreme distances, the DOUBLE-DOT option would be ideal due to the accuracy that the secondary red LED pin provides. The second dot also helps to determine hold-over, providing an advantage when dialed in for a closer distance.

The COVERT PRO model would be a good choice for hunters who prefer a clean, uncluttered view and adjustable brightness. This sight adapts well to any lighting situation, including a dark ground blind, or hunting feral pigs at night. Before purchasing this sight, be sure to check your local regulations. While it is legal to hunt with an electronically lighted sight in most of the country, there are a few states where it’s not legal.


Unlike the COVERT PRO, the COVERT SINGLE-PIN model has a single, physical pin in the sight. The SINGLE-PIN comes in two different pin styles: a green .019 in. pin and VERSA-PIN™. VESRSA-PIN is a patented technology that allows archers to easily change the pin color in seconds, and change pin sizes as desired, all without changing the point of impact. This feature is desirable if the user wants the ability to change the pin colors between target season and hunting season or between hunts. Green is the most common fiber color, likely because of how visible it is to the human eye, so if the user plans on leaving the sight on green, purchasing the green only model is a great way to save a couple bucks.

The pin size can also be easily changed between a .010 in. or .019 in. pin for individual vision and precision requirements. The larger pin is brighter and easier to see, but slightly less precise while the smaller pin offers more precision but is more difficult to see in low light. The SINGLE-PIN series is good for those who are looking for a very accurate sight that offers a clean sight picture with little distraction and precise accuracy. However, if you’re often in a situation where the distance between you and your target is changing unpredictably, opting for a multi-pin sight might be a more suitable option.


Which brings us to the COVERT FOUR-PIN Series. This sight takes versatility to a new level, combining the benefits of a long-range sliding single-pin sight with those of a traditional multi-pin sight. The multiple pins in the sight make it a good choice for hunters who may need to change yardages without having to physically adjust the sight. If you are mid-draw and your target happens to move closer or farther from you, you can simply aim with a different pin without having to let down the bowstring and adjust the sight. Unlike regular multi-pin sights, the FOUR-PIN sight still moves like the SINGLE-PIN and can be dialed to any distance.

Out of all sights offered by Apex Gear, this sight is the most versatile. For those who hunt in a variety of places or have a variety of hunting styles, the FOUR-PIN sight is the way to go. With this hybrid option, you don’t have to decide between a single-pin or multi-pin.

To add even more value of the COVERT bow sights, all families now have a detachable bracket model. This allows people to run the sight out far like a target sight, but still remove or retract it to fit in a compact hunting bow case. It is also useful if using different sights for different events. For example, one model for competitive target shooting and another for hunting. The detachable bracket makes it easy to switch out without having to unbolt anything.

The features that come with all of the COVERT family bow sights have been carefully considered and incorporated to offer bowhunters and shooters a pleasant experience and accurate shots. Determining which sight will work best for you depends on the situations you will be in while shooting as well as personal preference. While all of these models make a valuable addition to your archery gear collection, choosing the one that best fits your unique needs is important. For help determining which one is best for you, stop by your local archery dealer or give Apex Gear customer service a call!