New SPLIT•GRIP Folding Bow Stand from APEX GEAR

Lightweight and Compact Split-Limb Bow Stand


The new APEX GEAR SPLIT•GRIP™ folding bow stand holds your split-limb bow on the range or in the field, providing easy access while keeping your well-tuned bow out of the mud. When not in use, the folding design easily allows shooters to carry the SPLIT•GRIP in bow cases, backpacks, or even your back pocket.


Soft rubber-lined jaws provide a strong hold and protect bow limbs. The SPLIT•GRIP works with thick or thin limbs and will fit most split-limb bow models. Its ultra-tough construction will withstand heavy use for season after season.


“Fitting inside the parallel limbs of the latest and most popular bows allows for a more compact size compared to competing designs that grab the outside of the limbs. Reducing the size and bulk while improving performance is critical for archers in the field,” said Pliny Gale, Apex Gear Marketing Manager.  


SPLIT•GRIP Folding Bow Stand Features:

  • Compact folding design.
  • Soft rubber-lined jaws accommodate thick or thin limbs. 
  • Ultra-tough construction.
  • Quick and easy use. 
  • Fits most split-limb bow models (0.80 in. minimum opening). 
  • Weight: 3.6 oz.
  • Patent pending.
  • Model Number: AG311A
  • MSRP $99