COVERT™ Four-Pin Series

covert four-pin series
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$141.99 - $163.99

COVERT™ Four-Pin takes versatility to a new level, combining the benefits of a long-range sliding single-pin sight with those of a traditional multi-pin sight. Locked, the COVERT™ can be used like any familiar multi-pin sight. Unlocked, the sight can be dialed in for precise long-range accuracy.


  • Ultra-smooth, easy one-hand adjustments.
  • Includes over 120 pre-marked yardage tapes to simplify setup.
  • Rear-facing, easy-to-see yardage tape location.
  • Perfect for any light condition.
  • Quick and easy setup.
  • Bracket incorporates dampened end-of-travel stops.
  • Adjustable yardage pointer.
  • Adjustable for left and right-handed users.


*Comes equipped with a detachable bracket allowing for a longer sight radius and easier storage.