Covert Series Left Hand Conversion

How to convert COVERT™ Series sight for left-handed shooters?

Below is a walk-through that will help you covert your Apex Gear COVERT series sight to Left-hand configuration. This step-by-step process will work on the Covert Pro, Covert Single-Pin, and the Covert 4-Pin sight.


  1. Using a hex key, remove the machine screws on the bracket and aperture (3 total: 1 inside aperture, 2 on bracket)

2. Flip the center section over, so the adjustment wheel is now of the left side. (tape will be upside-down)

3. Replace Bracket screws (2)

4. Replace aperture screw. (Note, this will now use the hole on the opposite side of the aperture, so the level is still on the bottom)

5. Using a hex key, unscrew the end-of-travel stop (currently on top) and move to bottom.  (This prevents the aperture from moving too low and interfering with the arrow)  Reverse the yardage tape so that it is no longer upside-down. (The variety of included yardage tapes work with either left or right-handed setup, use whichever tape works best for you range/arrows/drop)


Please let us know if you have any further questions.


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